July 18, 2014

The force is strong with our younglings

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July 11, 2014

Castiel is already 8 months old?!

I still can't believe that my little boy is over eight months old now. It's crazy. My little men are growing up way too quickly for my liking. 

 Look at how big Castiel has gotten already!

 Cas continues to be the calmest baby ever. He was a little fussy and had a hard time sleeping a few nights ago. I'm convinced it's teething related, but no sign of little chompers just yet. 

I always feel a little panicked when I realize how fast the boys are growing up. Then I see them getting one step closer to playing together and it makes it all better. I know Kaleb can't wait until his little brother is up and running so they can wreck havoc together. 

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July 3, 2014


If you've been paying attention, you've probably seen a ton of pictures of Mommy and Daddy wearing the boys. Castiel gets worn most often, but Kaleb still gets in on the babywearing action fairly often. Daddy and I are both very big fans of babywearing. I mostly use wraps, Daddy mostly uses ring slings and we both use soft structure carriers. 

We babywear Cas so often, that he's actually only sat in a stroller once and he's about to be 8 months old. There are a ton of benefits to babywearing. First and foremost it's great for bonding, who wouldn't want to cuddle their baby as much as possible? It's especially helped me a lot when I was pretty sad about having to stop breastfeeding at four months due to my medication. 

Most days, Daddy babywears Castiel, it's so much easier to chase after Kaleb when you're holding the baby hands free! In some situations, he will even tandem (wear them both at the same time). I still like to wear Cas though, even if just while at home.  

However, I've had so many people tell me it looks uncomfortable or tell me I shouldn't be carrying the baby because of my condition. That's why I wanted to make a quick post about it. If you're doing it correctly, babywearing doesn't hurt. In fact, I can carry Cas and not feel his weight at all. I can babywear him for hours with no pain, yet I can't carry him in my arms for longer than 5-10 minutes before I start tearing up from the pain. Though I know I'll continue to get comments and weird looks as I wear a baby and walk with a cane, trust me, Mommy and baby are both very comfy and very happy <3

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June 27, 2014

#Castiel likes to pretend he's a little dragon

Monsters on the go

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June 24, 2014

School and Therapy Updates

Kaleb wrapped up his final days of Pre-K. This is his second time completing Pre-K and he still has one more to go before he'll be old enough to enter Kindergarten.

The LEAP program that we put him in was incredible. He made such progress this year, we've decided to keep him in the same program with the same amazing teachers again next year.

We had his annual IEP meeting for next school year. His occupational therapy and speech therapy are going to remain the same for next year. Most of his accommodations are remaining the same. Things like priority seating nearest the teacher, visual and verbal prompts before transitions, etc. A couple of his goals that weren't reached have remained the same, many others were updated for the upcoming school year. 

He did his new BDI assesment which showed some amazing progress in a lot of areas. Also showed that he was well above grade level in academics. His biggest issues right now are writing skills and social skills. He still has a lot of trouble interacting appropriately with his peers. We may be implementing a behavioral plan in school next year in order to help with some other issues as well.

Kaleb said goodbye to "Mila" his ABA therapist that he was working with 20 hours a week for over six months. it was hard to explain that she wouldn't be coming anymore. He still asked "Mila here?" sometimes when he hears someone knock on the door.

He's currently enrolled in a summer camp program that is specifically designed for young children with autism. He'll be doing some fieldtrips, doing swim classes in their indoor pool and has a very low student to teacher ration. It's a bit of a drive from our place, but well worth it. 

Since his summer camp is from 8:30am-4:00pm we're not doing ABA therapy until camp is over (though luckily the camp does apply ABA in the class setting). Once he starts ABA therapy again, he will have a new therapist to work with and will continue on his 20 hours a week. Since he's taking a short break from his therapy, one of the ABA supervisors comes to the house twice a month on Saturdays to do a little work with him and to do some parent training with us. 

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June 19, 2014

Kaleb's Fourth Birthday in Disney World

Thanks to Kaleb's Grandpa, Abuela and Grandma we were able to continue tradition this year and take Kaleb to Disney World for his fourth birthday. They know how much these trips mean to all of us and Kaleb is oh so loved and oh so spoiled.

Kaleb was thrilled to be going to Disney again

Castiel was too, he learned very quickly that this was a fun place to come back to

And a great place to make new friends

We did a lot of character meetings

We even went on some rides all together

For the most part the rule was if Cas could handle it so could Mommy

We're finally a big enough family that we don't all fit together sometimes

The crazier rides were left up to Daddy and Kaleb

Including the new dwarves mine train coaster that just opened 

Daddy took care of Cas on some rides

And off the rides too, he really is super dad

As always, Kaleb's bday lands on Star Wars Weekends, so we get to meet a lot of characters

This year was extra exciting for Kaleb since he's a Star Wars fan now 

He couldn't stop giggling and screaming "underpants" during this shoot

Darth Maul was actually the only villain that freaked him out

His favorite was by far R2D2, he was starstruck. R2D2 is his favorite Star Wars character.

Mommy handled the trip fairly well all things considered, lots of rest time
Very little walking, lots of breaks indoor, a constant fan and a cute baby for company

Mommy had to sit out on a lot and Daddy played single dad a lot but we still managed.
There's nothing that could keep us from making our boys happy.

Time flies...

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June 15, 2014

#Kaleb and Castiel wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever

Monsters on the go

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June 12, 2014

What we've been up to at home

We're slowly resurrecting the blog, keeping it short and sweet for now. Just some adorable pictures to show what we've been up to at home. 

First off, cousins came to visit! Cousin Nathan and Evan came to hang out <3

Kaleb and Castiel have been hanging out a lot too. Kaleb always makes sure Cas is next to him for bedtime stories

 He also likes to share some early morning cuddles with him

Kaleb's become pretty good about being quiet when Castiel is napping... or when Mommy is napping.

  He's constantly checking on his little brother and loves to bring him toys

  Sometimes he bring way too many toys...

 He gets nostalgic when he sees his old toys, but loves to show Cas how to play with them

 He always wants his baby brother to join in and play with him if he can

Our not so little baby started solids over a month ago and is such a good eater

Castiel is getting so big, he's very active and alert. Still incredibly calm, almost never cries, still sleeping 9 hours straight every single night. He's bouncing around, sitting unassisted and now he's very comfortable up on all four. He's about ready to get crawling any day now.

 Here he is months 1-6

Now he's a whole seven months old, more than halfway to a year. AHH!

Speaking of boys who grow up to quickly, here's our little man. He got a lot of board games for his birthday. Guess Who and Hungry Hungry Hippos seem to be the favorite additions.

I can't believe that Kaleb is already four years old. Time flies.

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May 28, 2014

#Castiel says nom nom nom

Monsters on the go

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